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Posted on 04/09/2020

Timeless Tassels – Luxury tassels you want to keep

The history of tassel goes back to ancient Egypt and can be found as embellishments, ornaments, and decorations across the world. In ancient Rome the tassel became a symbol of power for the royal and aristocratic families

With such a regal history, we thought they were an ideal accompaniment to our luxury range of bags.

We find tassels really do stand the test of time and work beautifully as handbag accessories. Not only are they luxurious, but they are also playful and add just that little extra detailing to our bags.

Did you know? The art of creating tassels (plus the making of trims and braids) is called passementerie

yellow CB w tassels cutout

Rusi’s Pick

Rusi Says: “I love bright colours, so adding colourful tassels to my Yellow Cross Body bag makes it even more fun and playful.

I adore the baby tassels, they are such a cute edition to any bag.”

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