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Posted on 16/10/2020

Style Advice: How to Style for Video Calls

This week Rusi advises her special guest, Anna Bravington, on how to show her personality on video calls and webinars.

Usually, Anna speaks at events throughout the year, but due to the current pandemic, she has found herself featuring on webinars instead. Anna has asked Rusi for some advice on how to convey her usual vibrant style on screen.

Rusi says: “A person’s style can often be a core part of their personality. During the current pandemic where people are working from home, interacting on screen and not going out as much, it can be hard for someone to know how to style themselves to be happy with how they look. Jewellery can really help with this – large bold pieces in particular look great on screen.”

Jewellery can be found on the RusiDesigns website: or contact Rusi for custom pieces.

  • Mother Daugher wearing gold Caterpillar Necklace
  • Necklace by RusiDesigns
  • Necklace by RusiDesigns
  • Facetune 30 08 2020 21 01 14 scaled e1605785672888
  • Moon necklace green. Claire studio. model
  • Necklace by RusiDesigns

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