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Posted on 08/02/2021

It’s all about crossbody bags: Here’s Your Guide to the 5 Best Crossbody Bags and How to Wear Them

Crossbody bags are the perfect choice for day or night, and that’s why almost every woman owns one.

One thing that Covid 19 has shown us is that we need to respect the environment more than ever and not to waste anything. That’s why as a British Luxury Leather goods brand we value responsible production, long-lasting quality, style and practicality.

Our take on this is that it means that we should aim to buy fewer but better quality items knowing they will last longer.

With this in mind we are proud to show you a selection of our desirable RusiDesigns crossbody bags that we have in stock. These crossbody designs suit all different walks of life and we are happy to share our ideas on how to style them.

So, here are 5 different styles of crossbody bag every women should own – well, that’s what we think!

  1. 1 Black or Tan cross body bag
  2. 2 Practical Cross Body bag for travel or long day out.
  3. 3 Small and light Crossbody bag just for your phones.
  4. 4 Evening cross body bag
  5. 5 Colourful crossbody bag

  • 1. A classic Black or Tan crossbody bag – for when you don’t want to worry about colour matching. Just grab it and go – you will look stylish every time! We love this Kimmie Crossbody bag in black goat leather.
  • 2. Travel or long days out shopping. This is when you need little bit more space in your crossbody bag so you can fit your wallet, phone, passport, lipstick, sun glasses and even a small umbrella. Our Kimmie Mix crossbody/baguette bag in tan, from our limited edition range, is just what you need. This bag can also be worn as a baguette bag when one part of the strap is removed.  
  • 3. Small and light crossbody bag just for your phone. We call them Capsule clutches, but they are in essence crossbody bags. Small enough to fit just your phone and maybe a card or two. We have Capsule clutches in lamb leather and textured leather. Yellow Capsule Clutch with handpainted details, There are plain ones too.
  • 4. Evening crossbody bag.   Our stylish Star 2.0 black crossbody bag is ideal for wearing for those evenings out, but also great for the daytime too.
  • 5. Colourful crossbody bag  For some colour-infused luxury check out our range of colourful crossbody bags in red, pink, yellow and green. 

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