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Posted on 02/10/2020

How to Style Red Handbags

Red – the colour of love and passion. It never goes out of style. Those of us at RusiDesigns find that wearing a red handbag really brightens our day and makes us happy. Especially now that autumn has hit us and the days are turning colder.

With bright coloured bags, it can be hard to know how to style them. So this week Rusi has created a video on how to style red handbags. She has given three outfit ideas with some daytime and evening options. She shows us how to be brave and bold in our wardrobe choices.

Red Look 1
Flower B tote and Capsule Clutch in Red (online exclusive handpainted version)
red theme look 1 evening
Gold Caterpillar Necklace and Star 2.0 bag in Red

red theme look 2 sara bag
Red Sara Bag
red theme outfit 3 day
Mezzaluna Tote in Red
red theme outfit 3 evening
MicroB Boxy Bag in Red and Red leather Brooch (coming soon online)

All of the beautiful red bags in the video, including the very limited edition Sara, can be found in our shop:

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