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Posted on 22/08/2018

Celebrities with RusiDesigns

We love when celebrities wear RusiDesigns. In fact we love it so much that we want to shout about it! 
Summer 2018 in Singapore.  Sara Malakul Lane stepped out with our limited edition laser cut Midnight Clutch. She looked stunning. We approve Sara! 

9b7d99 59c4e1784f544ea29912bcc6a86b5d77~mv2​​487eb937 6c3e 4a1c 93b0 e337d9cb262c

9b7d99 16f590b58bea40c190938996ba73b82b~mv2​​9395ff74 cef0 4610 852b 00eb8627ae6f

Casual look Sara in the streets of LA,  with RUSI clutch.9b7d99 5b9e5a0207d84138a130bdcd0ce1090f~mv2​​

Red carpet Sharknado3  premiere, LA  @SaraMalakul @KimRichards11 @Rezafarahan 9b7d99 633aa899c9094bacbbfd2c318ed3ae16~mv2​​

Less is more look! 🙂 LA desert with red metallic RUSI clutch.  9b7d99 a89d3e302fe34c9d8f96f5e6aa732e3f~mv2 d 5212 3468 s 4 2​​9b7d99 f091e163391549a5ba479c37774dccba~mv2 d 3468 5212 s 4 2​​

9b7d99 b5a3c5a584c44be3aa09f6595abebbc5~mv2 d 4752 2719 s 4 2​​818a46a4 0add 4f7f 8556 608f11e57390

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